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Intelligence Blocks

Our suite of applications will transform the decision-making of your enterprise to deliver tangible impact across your business functions while accelerating your growth towards cognitive maturity, giving your enterprise the competitive advantage.


  • Forecasting Intelligence

    Receive highly accurate demand forecasts to assess future decisions confidently.

  • Inventory Intelligence

    Maintain an optimal level of inventory and safety stock to minimize loss and maximize profit.

  • Supply Chain Intelligence

    Manage supply chain threats and mitigate risks to reduce redundant expenses.


  • Site Selection Intelligence

    Select the right location for expansion to maximize your ROI.

  • Site Closure Intelligence

    Close locations and redistribute revenues while maintaining optimal profit.

  • Real Estate Investment Intelligence

    Invest in the right real estate at the right time to maximize impact.


  • Staff Scheduling Intelligence

    Generate staff schedules while maintaining optimal staff numbers and maximize utilization.

  • Workforce Planning Intelligence

    Simulate impact of policies on workforces to maximize performance and reduce costs.

  • Recruitment & Up-Skilling Intelligence

    Optimize the recruitment process and up-skilling resources for a higher return on investment.


  • Dispatchment Intelligence

    Dispatch resources at the right time to the right locations to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Routing Intelligence

    Optimize the routes taken by your fleet for maximal efficiency and to reduce costs.

  • Fleet Management Intelligence

    Maximize the availability of your fleet, thus improving your network capacity.


  • Dynamic Pricing Intelligence

    Dynamically price your products according to demand to increase revenue and maximize profits.

  • Marketing Channel Intelligence

    Increase advertising ROI by selecting the right marketing channel and allocating the right budgets.

  • Promotions & Discounts Intelligence

    Promote the right product, at the right time, with the right discount to optimize impact.

Case studies

EDIX Enhances the Profit Margin of a QSR Chain

  • 90% Estimated Increase
    in Profit Margin
  • 27% Reduction in

EDIX is being deployed for the management of staff and inventory of a large-scale quick-service restaurant chain.

Our EDIX-Forecasting, Inventory Management and Staff Scheduling Intelligences have been used to improve the way in which operations for the client are conducted. Our EDIX Site-Selection and Site-Closure Intelligences were also used for strategic planning of the expansion of the chain.

These technologies are projected to greatly improve the net profit margin of the client through optimized processes and large reductions in waste.

Case studies

EDIX Optimizes a Country-Scale Fleet

  • $10M Reduction in
    Operating Costs
  • 56% Faster Response
    in Emergencies

EDIX has been deployed for a client in city-management that operates a country-scale fleet of cars which are used to dispatch inspectors.

Our EDIX-dispatchment intelligence was used to provide insights about the types of cases to be investigated, as well as provide a prioritization to the client on where to dispatch inspectors to.

This has led to significant savings for the client as well as an improved service for the residents of the city.

Case studies

EDIX Increases the Utilization of Training Resources

  • 33% Increase in
    Resources Utilization
  • 29% Increase in
    Recruitment Efficiency

EDIX is actively being deployed for a client managing the training of a workforce of over 500,000 individuals.

Our EDIX-Workforce Intelligence allows the client to create future scenarios, assess the impact of their policies on their workforce and determine which policies would lead to the results they wanted.

This provides the client with the ability to significantly improve their resource utilization while being efficient in their recruitment process.

Driving cognitive
maturity across sectors

We build our technologies to be sector-agnostic, giving it the flexibility to be applied across all industries. Our team has the necessary subject matter expertise, technical skill set, and business acumen to solve complex and dynamic decision problems across different sectors.