Intelligent Informatics Technologies

Intelmatix is a deep-tech AI company with a wide range of capabilities that address sector challenges by providing tailored solutions and unique products. It is a pioneer in accessible AI and advanced analytics that improve operations, growth, and sustainability for governments and businesses. In its current phase, Intelmatix focuses on Location Intelligence which maps the relationships between spatial, social, economic, and demographic data to answer questions of “where, what, and when?


We use our Intelmatix platforms to provide services that integrate domain knowledge with expertise in data sensing, data processing, data analysis, and data visualization and interaction. This integration allows us to develop state-of-the-art automated technologies that support Location Intelligence and uncover the hidden complexities within and across sectors.


With our data collection technologies, we can help organizations acquire better data using sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, surveys, interviews, and even historical records and logbooks





Our cloud data services are designed to solve an organization’s challenges by providing top solutions in data quality, data management, and  elastic cloud storage


We use cutting-edge data analytics techniques such as statistical methods, machine learning, and graph analytics to help organizations uncover deep insights into their data


We transform our insights into a comprehensive set of interactive visualizations that help organizations turn knowledge into shareable stories


We develop application services and decision support systems using the latest technologies to support organizations decision processes


We cover vertical sectors such as energy, health, and real estate, and cross-cutting themes such as government services and smart cities. Intelmatix is home to a multidisciplinary team of experts who are ready for the unique and complex challenges that face our clients. Our in-house experts, supported by our network of experts, help organizations develop deep insights into the heart of their sectors and discover innovative opportunities through an organic exchange of insights.


Over the last several years, the Intelmatix team has developed technology solutions for clients spanning a multitude of sectors with a strong focus on Location Intelligence. At Intelmatix, we help organizations reinvent their future strategies and their current operations with pioneering new solutions.

Public Transportation Modeling and Design

Model and explore the effects of introducing new modes of transportation in your city.

Real Estate Index

Employ an advanced, novel method to find a fair and market-accurate price for undeveloped lands in cities.

Electricity Fraud Detection

Identify suspected accounts commiting electricity fraud and monitor the changes in accounts’ behaviours.

Spatial Energy Analysis

Accurately predict short-term and medium-term power consumption loads within the city.

Crop Detection

Use AI and Machine Learning to monitor agricultural activity from satellite imagery.

Intelligent Urban Development

Develop models to support the design of a truly 21st century city.

The Labor Space

Help decision-makers reduce unemployment and combat the impacts of automation.

Spatial Data Statistics Portal

Use public data to reveal insights in real time using the power of visualization.

Risk Detection for Infectious Diseases

Assess risks of infections to support timely, intelligent interventions.


We offer a wide variety of robust and cutting-edge Location Intelligence products that make advanced problem-solving tools accessible to the mass market. Our products are sector specific, mass-market focused, and address common sector pain points.

Geo-Real Estate

Support business with better real estate data and informed intelligent decisions.


Address a wide range of spatially based pain points to maximize the growth of retail businesses.


Streamline your supply chains from the first step to the last mile.


As a deep tech AI company, intelmatix is investing heavily in developing cutting edge technologies that push the frontiers of what’s possible, while greatly enhancing the solutions and products offered to solve clients’ pain points.


Pushing the frontiers of what’s possible in Location Intelligence.