Enterprise cognitive transformations remain to have shortcoming for many due to status quo methods and tools used today, limiting enterprises' ability to grow efficiently. Deploying tools that address the right problem, guarantee smooth adoption, and provide impact-driven recommendations, would result in accelerated and efficient growth. Our approach is designed to change the status quo to support the creation of cognitive enterprises.

The right

We have developed CEMI (Cognitive Enterprise Maturity Index) to understand the maturity of functions of an enterprise and devise the enabling technologies to deploy. In doing so, we conceive a clear roadmap for our clients in their cognitive transformation journey.

The right

We deploy EDIX (Enterprise Decision Intelligence Platform ) to connect with enterprise data and processes and provide intuitive interfaces for users to navigate recommendations. EDIX pivots the focus from analysis to action, building a portfolio of high-performing cognitive functions across the enterprise.


The Cognitive Enterprise Maturity Index (CEMI) is Intelmatix's standard for measuring an enterprise's cognitive decision-making capabilities across three levels: Organizational, Functional, and Sub-Functional units within the enterprise. Designed through the intersection of data science, social science, decision theory, and managerial science, CEMI assigns a score between 1 and 6 to all enterprise functions according to their level of cognitive maturity. The enterprise's pain points are then identified and a roadmap devised for their transformation using enabling technologies.

EDIX Layers

EDIX is composed of three layers, allowing it to access an enterprise's internal data, augment it with external data, model data hindsight, insight, and foresight, and then recommend decisions within a highly interactive and intuitive interface.

  • Data

    Data is the backbone of intelligence, and our Data Layer is what fuels EDIX. It harnesses data from countless sources, integrates and augments raw data to design and extract datasets ready to be fed into the EDIX Model Layer. The Data Layer's main role is to ensure this dataset extraction can be done in a scalable and accessible way while ensuring data is securely stored.


    Our Data Layer comprises important features that drive our core approach to data access, storage, processing and pipeline maintenance.

    When it comes to client data we are strictly driven by our clients' specific needs to accommodate their storage and access preferences.

    • Centralization
    • Augmentation
    • Scalability
    • Security & Privacy
    • Cloud or On-premise Storage


    Our Data Layer relies on the latest technologies in order to maximize speed and efficiency, while supporting customized data integration and feeding all data through robust, secure and fault-tolerant pipelines.

    • Customized Integration
    • Fault Tolerant Data Pipelines
    • Real Time Streaming Ingestion
    • Batch Processing
    • Data Fusion
  • Models

    The Model Layer codifies domain expertise, discovers patterns in data, forecasts the future, and outputs important and accurate decision recommendations for optimal impact. The models are built on cutting-edge computational techniques such as machine learning, optimization, and simulation with the objective of answering some of the toughest decisions in the enterprise.


    The Model Layer is equipped with advanced models that offer powerful features and capabilities that ensure the model's ability to continuously improve and adapt to enterprise dynamics.

    • Leading state-of-the-art performance (SOTA)
    • Optimized for speed and accuracy
    • Dynamic Learning
    • AI model governance
    • Self Monitoring


    Building on top of the latest technologies, the Model Layer provides a set of powerful tools that empower the decision-maker.

    • Time Series Forecasting
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Computer Vision
    • Computational Simulation
    • Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Interaction

    To truly make the most of extensive data and detailed analytics, it is essential to showcase information in an accessible manner. We accomplish this by developing a sophisticated Interaction Layer. The Interaction Layer gives our users a holistic view of the intelligence block by providing three types of interfaces (Explore, Predict and Decide). These interfaces serve different personas with multiple responsibilities. For each interface type, we design interactive user interfaces with a user-first mindset to accommodate their need with the best user experience.


    Utilize the power of a decision-first approach with EDIX, our flagship product. EDIX is carefully designed to help avoid overwhelming the user with information and make better decisions faster. EDIX's interactive, seamless integration and real-time visualization give the user the ability to automate decisions and improve enterprise performance.

    • Decision-First: Instant display of decisions an enterprise has to make.
    • Trustworthiness: Decision impact and reasoning interface to build trust.
    • Cognitive Mode: Decision execution post-decision learning phase.
    • Enterprise-Centric: Tailored to deliver the most important metrics for an enterprise.
    • Accessibility & Intuitiveness: Avoiding cognitive overload and tailoring for different users' backgrounds and expertise.
    • Human-in-the-Loop: Decision feedback is core to the dynamic learning process


    The Interaction Layer is powered by multiple technologies to ensure the best user experience, from interaction speed to environment flexibilities and scalability.

    • Geospatial Visualizations
    • 3D Visualizations
    • Network Graph
    • Search Optimization
    • Interactive UI
    • High-performance visualization rendering

EDIX Architecture

The EDIX architecture allows for seamless integration with enterprise systems, while providing maximum scalability without impacting performance, and high extensibility/flexibility to deploy new intelligence blocks. The architecture was developed to deliver and execute real-time recommendations for an enterprise and expedite their cognitive transformation.

  • Data

    ERP and CRM Connectors Data Lake Injectors Databases & Cloud Storage Adapters
    API Connectors Web Scraper
  • Models

    Optimizers Machine Learners Simulation
    Model connector
    Connection Detectors Ensemble Builders
  • Interaction

    Rendering Engine Visual Layers
    Modules Application Layer


  • Serverless Functions
  • Data Integrators
  • Persistant Storage
  • Microservices
  • Model Orchestrators

Intelligence Blocks

Demand & Supply
Intelligence Class
Inteligence Class
Intelligence Class
Intelligence Class
Intelligence Class
Demand & Supply Intelligence Class
Location Inteligence Class
Workforce Intelligence Class
Logistics Intelligence Class
Marketing Intelligence Class