The age of cognitive enterprises

It is difficult to predict the future, but ultimately, what matters is creating the future we want to live in. Our past and present are the product of our previous decisions. The decisions we make today will pave the way for the future. It is important that the right decision is made at the right time leading to the right outcome, paving the way towards the desired future. We envision a world where enterprises achieve their desired future through decision-intelligence, where the human and the machine synergistically collaborate, creating a self-driven, self-deciding entity that conducts its functions with the highest accuracy, efficiency, and speed. We want to become the enterprises' trusted advisor, building and delivering advanced technologies for enterprises to outmaneuver the competition. We build the Cognitive Enterprise.


From technologists to decision intelligence pioneers

The current state of the world presents a set of unprecedented challenges facing enterprises and their leaders. It is in this environment that a group of MIT graduates in Boston recognized that the survival, competence, and growth of an enterprise could only be realized by empowering their core decisions. However, they noticed that there was an evident weakness in the market for technologies that aid decision-making. Hence, they founded Intelmatix and began designing a cutting edge decision-intelligence platform to be deployed within traditional enterprises with the vision of transforming them into becoming cognitive.


Fostering talent and experience
through our global presence

Intelmatix was first founded in Boston, however, after locking in significant investments from like-minded visionary investors, intelmatix expanded its operations into a global presence through their Riyadh and London offices.



One connected community

We at Intelmatix are a connected community united in our belief in the cognitive enterprise. Core to our values is the sharing of our knowledge and success and we are committed to cultivating a vibrant and positive culture to pursue our ambition. Whether you are a technical expert or not we believe that everyone can contribute to building the enterprise of the future.


Nurtured by diversity, equity, and inclusion

The people of Intelmatix are our greatest asset. We have assembled a world class team of top tier talent, from deep-tech technologists, to business gurus, and various subject matter experts, harnessing their acumen, skillset, and knowledge to accomplish our shared vision. Our culture is one of continuous innovation where knowledge is shared and collaborative work is encouraged. We come from all around the world, with different experiences and cultures nurtured by diversity, equity, and inclusion, guided by science, driven by passion, enabled by talent, inspired by one another, and motivated by a yearning desire to deliver impact.



We infuse our innovative personality into every part of our work, including our branding. For example, the company logo in itself is the output of an AI algorithm that takes any name and generates a colorful X. The X represents the unknown decision we are trying to identify, since "we solve for your X." Based on the input name, the algorithm uses a grid of letters as its base and connects the letters of the word together to create the lines within the X. The algorithm then colors the X using different colors that represent the sectors we work within. The current company logo is the algorithm's output of the word intelmatix. Our logo embodies our innovative spirit, curiosity, and polymathy.


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