Given our heritage in R&D and as a deep-tech AI company, Intelmatix is investing heavily in developing cutting-edge technologies that push the frontiers of what’s possible and greatly enhance the solutions and products we offer to alleviate our clients’ pain points.


Geolyzer is a core technology being developed by Intelmatix. It’s a platform for creating state-of-the-art location intelligence software, supporting the Intelmatix technical team and their development of solutions and products. Geolyzer will eventually become open to external developers. It enhances the efficiency of developing advanced Location Intelligence technologies, and enables the creation of technologies that were not possible otherwise.

The challenge

Building advanced analytics technologies is greatly improved by having access to state-of-the-art analytics, AI algorithms, and data processed in the right manner. However, having quick and clear access to those capacities is not an easy task, especially when the needs are location specific or sector specific. In addition to access, simply having various layers of information connected in the right manner while being able to use the most advanced algorithms is a significant challenge.

What we are doing

Geolyzer hosts the most advanced and up-to-date Location Intelligence algorithms, enabling our solutions and products teams to produce cutting-edge technologies in a much more efficient manner. As we innovate solutions for clients, we continuously advance the Geolyzer platform with new and improved analytics algorithms and well-curated data sets. In addition, Geolyzer is the technical hub where all team members share and exchange the latest improvements. Geolyzer’s architecture includes two important layers of Data and Algorithms, layered on top of which are applications of solutions and products.