Our flagship Enterprise AI Decision Intelligence products leverage a wide variety of robust and cutting-edge technologies that make advanced problem-solving tools accessible to the mass market through Intelmatix products. Our products are sector-specific, mass market focused, and address common sector pain points. Recognizing the needs of small and medium enterprise companies (SMEs) who don’t have the resources and budgets of large companies who can afford tailored solutions, we conceptualized SMEX – an innovative Enterprise AI Decision Intelligence suite of products. SMEX is aligned with Intelmatix’ mission to democratize AI and Decision Intelligence and make them accessible to SMEs and offer them similar powerful tools that major organizations have.

SMEX supports SMEs to gain insights and an edge in various core functions and supporting function such as marketing, sales, finance, talent, operations, risk, and customer experience and location intelligence. SMEX offers a variety of robust and cutting-edge integrated enterprise AI Decision Intelligence products across multiple industries that make advanced problem-solving tools accessible to the mass market. The current SMEX Suite of Products includes RetailX, RealEstateX, and LogisticsX.


Today, retail is facing a wide range of problems, such as how to manage inventory across the logistical pipeline or where to place distribution centers. Even adjacent sectors such as marketing and advertising require special attention due to their interconnectedness to the retail sector. However, when it comes to answering the various where and when questions, no good solutions are available. Using the most recent advancements in AI and data analytics, RetailX addresses such pain points and identifies opportunities. Even the non-technical business leader can input the various parameters for their pain points (e.g., target demographics’ gender, age, and socioeconomic status). The RetailX intelligent solver provides the solution to a specific set of critical problems with a click of a button.


In the real estate market, there are many challenges that can be addressed using Intelmatix products. Current tools in the market only provide simple dashboards and reports and are unable to address actual pain points. RealEstateX is designed to solve a specific set of pain points. The user inputs all the needed parameters (e.g., amount of money to invest, time horizon, and acceptable risk to ROI) and then the intelligent solver, using AI and advanced analytics, generates best-estimate answers. This happens without the need for the user to have any technical knowledge or waste valuable time or money. The answer is produced instantly.


The overall cost of logistics represents over 10% of global GDP. Beyond the direct cost of transportation (such as fuel, labor, and equipment), logistics planning requires substantial expertise and access to rich transportation data. Supply chain optimization relies on accurate forecasting, reliable risk mitigation, and advanced analytical tools to solve complex routing and scheduling problems. Fleet management depends on active operational control, streamlined multi-agent orchestration, and adaptive routing for dynamic traffic conditions. At Intelmatix, our cutting-edge suite of analytics tools, optimization solvers, and interactive interfaces make it easy for any company to reduce the cost of logistics at every step, from initial planning to last-mile delivery.