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Job Application

Senior Backend Developer

The ideal candidate is a detail-oriented programmer who can work with multiple teams to develop reliable, scalable commercial products. The developer will be responsible for integrating varied proprietary analytics tools and databases to create a highly responsive...

Principal Software Architect

The ideal candidate is a systems thinker with diverse experience that loves to design large, complex software products that efficiently incorporate many distinct components. You should be able to guide multiple teams while maintaining a clear vision that integrates...

Principal Full Stack Developer

Our ideal candidate is a versatile, motivated programmer who loves to guide the development of complex software products. The candidate must be able to dive deep into problem-solving without losing sight of the big picture. Additionally, we expect anyone in this role...

Senior Data Scientist

The ideal candidate's favorite words should be learning, data, scale, and agility. You will leverage your strong collaboration skills and ability to extract valuable insights from highly complex data sets to ask the right questions and find the right answers.

Data Acquisitions Engineer

The ideal candidate is experienced in finding, gathering and refining many different data sets from varied sources. We are looking for a data guru who can understand the capabilities and limitations of diverse data sets from different sectors. The candidate will be...

Principal Machine Learning Engineer

The ideal candidate is one who is passionate about working with data. You will leverage your strong programming skills to create production-ready code to extract valuable insights from highly complex data sets.

Senior Frontend Developer

The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing, developing, testing, and debugging responsive web and mobile applications. Using JavaScript frameworks, HTML, CSS, and Node this candidate will be able to translate user and business needs into functional frontend...

Data Visualization Engineer

The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable about diverse forms of data visualization with particular experience in dynamic geospatial visualizations in 2D and 3D. The work will focus on displaying large spatial datasets with dynamic elements and substantial user...

Senior UI and UX Designer

The ideal candidate will be responsible for building an effective user experience for our products and solutions. By working cross-functionally, this candidate will understand needs from the product management, engineering, and business stakeholders and will be able...

Senior Geospatial Data Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Geospatial Data Engineer with programming expertise and experience working in professional development teams. This candidate will become one of our data gurus who will maintain and transform diverse sets of geospatial data.