Transportation and Logistics

Whether it is to plan out new urban projects, open new business locations, or optimize logistics, understanding how people move is critical. By extracting data from a wide variety of sources, such as public government data and social media, mobility patterns within cities and across a country are identified. By developing advanced AI technologies, Intelmatix designs better transportation networks for people, goods, and cargo. Using advanced methods in logistics and optimization, we help organizations design more efficient supply chains to manage their resources effectively.

Urban Mobility Analysis

Intelmatix helps clients understand how the urban landscape shapes the daily routines of its residents. Leveraging the recent boom in sensors and technological infrastructure, Intelmatix extracts detailed information on how people move around the city, and transforms a wealth of data, simulations, and projections into tangible human experiences, merging it with what we know about the city’s infrastructure, businesses, and services. Intelmatix uses these insights to help urban planners understand the needs of their city’s residents, analyze the need for new infrastructure, and project the impact of new developments.

Logistical Optimization

Intelmatix evaluates the current state of a country’s national transportation infrastructure and helps our clients decide the best way to move forward. Through rigorous analysis and modeling, Intelmatix identifies existing bottlenecks in an organization’s logistical network and recommends optimizations for the flow of cargo throughout the network. By seeing how people and cargo move across the network, Intelmatix analyzes the current costs, emissions, and risks of delay to evaluate the benefits of new strategies.

Transportation Economics

Intelmatix helps our clients determine how accessibility affects new commercial developments and create strategies to support businesses and services that benefit the most from high-exposure locations. Through modeling and data infusion, Intelmatix evaluates the bottlenecks in transportation infrastructure and understands how congestion challenges affect businesses both locally and nationally. By incorporating the cost of fuel and equipment, Intelmatix also improves the national logistics network to facilitate the movement of people and cargo across the country.

Autonomous Fleet Deployment

Emerging technologies dramatically change how we view transportation logistics, and one of the most promising new opportunities is the potential for fleets of autonomous vehicles. Intelmatix helps clients design strategies and schedules to best move people and goods around cities using autonomous taxis and delivery vehicles. In addition, we assist national shipping companies in transporting cargo across the country in a more efficient and cost-effective approach by planning and scheduling routes for autonomous truck caravans.