Data Statistics Portal

The challenge

Government data exist across diverse categories, including information published by agencies for statistical purposes, information in administrative records on individuals and businesses, and physical measurements about natural phenomena. With countries now promoting transparency, participation, and collaboration in the publication and use of government data, aligned with global Open Government Data (OGD) initiatives, the need to develop a platform that manages, analyzes, and visualizes such data becomes critical. The challenge resides in the fact that each agency follows a different standard and structure for its internal systems and data. This requires the development of a universal format that allows any type of structure. Additionally, data often have issues related to quality; therefore, a seamless data quality workflow must be developed.

What we did

Our process included three significant components: designing and developing the system, generating the content of the platform, and testing and deploying the platform. The platform was implemented as a three-tier architecture: data, logic, and presentation tiers. Each tier handled specific roles and is loosely coupled with the other two tiers, which made the development process cleaner and easier to manage. The development of the platform implemented the latest technologies for data management, data processing, and data visualization. The data management component decomposes the data into small elements (facts) to allow for the integration of multiple data sources. The data visualization provides a 3D library that allows users to generate a variety of charts. Additionally, the development of the platform followed strict rules to guarantee that the result is following the best development practices. Additionally, it provides more security as sensitive components (e.g., databases) live outside the public network.

Our Impact

We developed a web-based portal that is capable of handling big data to uncover critical indicators by viewing different data statistics and comparing them with each other. We also created a content management system that displays data using modern charting tools, allowing for data entry, publishing, scheduling of content review, and continuous social participation. We provided a strong statistical and technical team that managed the system efficiently and trained personnel from the entity itself and from other external entities that will feed the portal with data.