Smart Cities

With new technologies opening a wealth of opportunities, cities around the world are struggling to stay current in the way they operate. New technologies provide cities with a wealth of information to respond to the needs of their residents quickly and effectively. Whether it is facilitating data-driven urban planning, intelligently managing resources, or responding to crises, we help cities leverage sensors networks, data streams from core utilities, and digital platforms to encourage sustainable development and improve quality of life.

Smart City Operations Platform

The future of cities is to become more and more connected, to the point where almost everything in the city is controlled from anywhere. However, all that connectivity generates an immense amount of useful and powerful data that needs to be harnessed to improve operations. Intelmatix technologies help manage operations across the city, optimizing resource allocation, maintenance schedules, and risk management.

Emergency Detection and Response

Intelmatix helps cities detect anomalous patterns in human behavior to rapidly identify potential emergencies across the city. By tapping into infrastructure usage, we analyze and classify unusual signals such as a sudden surge in energy demand, a spike in phone calls, or an increase in traffic congestion to reveal potential crises that require rapid response.

Smart City Spatial Data Platforms

When it comes to smart city planning (e.g., optimizing the local neighborhood smart grid consumption and storage patterns), every piece of data helps. Intelmatix builds smart city spatial data tools that take large amounts of data generated by the smart city and condense it into a concise and meaningful manner that is much easier to process and understand, where useful knowledge is extracted to assist in making better decisions. Furthermore, efficient API access is provided for technical users to have complete access to the immense wealth of information.

City Wide Preventive Maintenance

Cities are systems that require constant operation, monitoring, and maintenance. However, costs skyrocket when you try to fix something that’s broken rather than maintaining it before it breaks. Learning from the lessons of the industrial sector, Intelmatix brings the concept of preventative maintenance to cities, recommending the optimal sites and locations to apply preventative maintenance towards before they need reconstruction or recovery, thus significantly saving in costs, and in many cases reducing or even completely removing downtimes.