Retail and Wholesale

The modern retail sector gives people the ability to access the previously unimaginable fruits of human economic systems. However, this comes with challenges ranging from inventory management to shelving and product placement. Seemingly small decisions have a huge impact on overall performance and, more importantly, on revenues. Moreover, resilience and the power to operate under a wide range of uncertainties distinguish successful retailers. Intelmatix technologies help retailers optimize their stores and plan for major events, such as the next popular holiday or an unexpected severe storm.

Use Cases

Retail Location Advisor

The demand for retail in a specific location is a good indicator of business success. Thanks to data from social media, dedicated mobile apps, customer review platforms, demographics, and traffic information, Intelmatix understands the patterns of people’s visits, purchases, and satisfaction for a given location. Furthermore, we infer demands that are not obvious or that may even be counterintuitive.

The P3 of Retail: Promotion, Pricing, and Placement of Products

Understanding shoppers’ behaviors determines the success or failure of a retail store. With the help of advanced analytics, Intelmatix understands customer patterns. Retailers then use these patterns to give the customers customized offers for their regularly purchased items. We also identify items that are typically co-purchased, should be co-located on the same shelf or same aisle, or are effectively bundled with promotional offers, thus providing a guide for the placement of products within a retail store.

Promotions Locator

With the rise of e-commerce, retailers are challenged to keep up and compete. Customers are now connected more than ever and regularly explore different channels seeking bargains. Adapting is critical for surviving and excelling in any competitive market. With Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), Intelmatix helps retailers compete and excel by recommending the right promotion in various locations at the right time, getting closer to the dynamic experience of e-commerce websites.

Location Specific Inventory Management

Traditionally, inventory planning has involved a significant amount of trial and error due to the many inherently uncertain market factors. With businesses overwhelmed by too many variables to study to make informed decisions, Intelmatix leverages the output of machine learning algorithms to understand specific spikes in demand for certain products and recommends strategic, location-specific purchase orders backed by extensive data analysis. Multiple data sources, such as weather and seasonal events, are used for stocking specific products at different locations that people will need.