Resources and Utilities

All around the world, the utilities sector is tightly knit into the fabric of cities and economies. This thriving sector spans complex sectors such as water and energy, which are only as effective as the integration between sourcing, production, conversion, and sales. However, this sector is suffering from severe supply problems such as the scarcity of natural resources to even their nonexistence in some areas. The growing demand and the growing sensitivity to supply are putting increasing pressure on this sector, making the challenges more complex, and requiring a new focus on sustainable development and optimal planning.

Water Management and Reuse

Water reuse is a critical goal for sustainability, especially in arid climates. Reuse requires a good understanding of infrastructure, local weather conditions, and geographic considerations that impact storage and transportation. Additionally, such strategies must consider the various impacts of new technologies and evolving regulatory climates. Intelmatix provides its clients with robust planning and simulation tools to assess and prioritize different water reuse scenarios for various locations, which are crucial for such an objective and lead to greater success while avoiding non-obvious pitfalls.

Energy customer profiling

The electricity generation and distribution market has recently started to provide minimal personalized services. In addition, in recent years, a wide selection of alternative energy technologies has become more widespread. Several of these services and technologies provide users the freedom and flexibility to generate their own energy. This transformation means that existing commercial energy providers need to shift their business models, services, sales, and marketing to continue to compete effectively. Intelmatix uses AI and data analytics to understand customer needs and design perfect personalized energy services.

Mining Value Chain Optimization

The mining value chain, which represents the process of extracting raw material and delivering it to customers in its raw or processed form, is the backbone of many other value chains. However, it requires constant monitoring and intervention to stay at peak performance. Intelmatix uses AI and advanced analytics to optimize an integrated mining value chain from downstream exploration processes to upstream logistics operations across various locations.

Energy Losses and Fraud

Energy theft costs utility companies significant unrealized revenues while also exposing people to fatal dangers. This problem grows in complexity and severity as these utility companies adopt automated energy consumption record keeping. Fraud and tampering detection challenges are addressed effectively by using integrated information systems, big data management, and analytics frameworks. To identify theft, Intelmatix analyzes data from smart meters, climate conditions, billing, and payment information, combined with granular consumption patterns to produce the ultimate route for investigators to visit to maximize the return on investment.