Real Estate and Urbanism

Major urban areas continue to attract significant numbers of people each year. The Real-estate sector addresses a variety of challenges within the city, including the organization of neighborhoods, accessibility, land use, urban design, and quality of life, among others. Intelmatix technologies help real estate developers and city planners identify the proper interventions and calibrate policies to improve the quality of living for city inhabitants.

Use Cases

Real Estate Pulse

Investors and policymakers must understand the changes occurring in the real estate market and measure the factors that affect it. By using large amounts of data from various sources to identify historical patterns combined with advanced machine learning, Intelmatix provides better forecasts of the future of the real estate market. Also, by developing web-based statistical dashboards that provide interactive decision-making capabilities, Intelmatix empowers decision-makers to make accurate, informative, and optimal judgments.

Real Estate Investments

Intelmatix supports real estate investors by using advanced analytical tools to analyze economic data and social networks to identify the current urban trends within the city. Additionally, the concentration and variability of points of interest across the different areas within the city are also identified. Such information, when integrated with additional sources of data, provides smart suggestions for the most optimal places for urban investments. Intelmatix provides investors with intelligent recommendations that are backed by multiple indicators, providing information about the risks and opportunities so that they make informed investments.

Intelligent Neighborhood Design

Designing better neighborhoods that provide better services to their residents is critical. Intelmatix provides planners and policymakers with user-friendly technologies that use the power of Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics. Such technologies improve the efficiency of the planning phase by providing planners with smart suggestions that enforce regulations while following best planning practices. These technologies also support the analysis of land use distribution across the city while identifying the most suitable distribution of different types of industrial, residential, and commercial amenities. All this is accomplished while considering neighborhood demographics to provide the best possible neighborhood design.

Urban Change Detection

Urban change happens at a high pace and timely detection using traditional survey techniques is very difficult. Intelmatix uses a wide range of datasets to analyze and detect these changes quickly and accurately. By using the power of Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, and image processing algorithms to analyze satellite images, Intelmatix detects changes in the natural landscape or human activity within an urban area daily. Such information is critical for investment or policy intervention decisions.