Media and Telecommunications

The media and telecommunication sectors are becoming the backbone of the social fabric of our societies. They are the catalyst for business and entertainment alike and support economic growth. However, the amount of data being transmitted through the ICT network is now staggering. Value from such data is created through advanced analysis to produce useful and insightful results that enhance service and drive innovation in the domain.

ICT Growth Prediction and Planning

Connectivity is a vital part of our daily lives, but the ever-increasing connectivity of our various devices requires an advanced and reliable ICT network. Intelmatix uses advanced Location Intelligence to reinforce the ICT infrastructure and plan future construction. By comparing tower locations to population distribution, analyzing customer usage over time, and anticipating future demand, Intelmatix identifies where the infrastructure is most stressed and offers prioritized recommendations for expansion.

Audience Identification

In a consumer-driven media age, companies must focus more on individual users’ needs and desires. Rich datasets such as user ratings, shares, comments, and watch lists provide information on the target audience, especially when combined with insight from user locations. Intelmatix explores a highly granular segmentation that helps companies engage with high-potential markets in different parts of the world to personalize user experience, tailor offerings to specific locations, identify new regional markets, and optimize incentives for both the users and the company.

Customer Segmentation Profiling

Establishing a better understanding of a user base is critical for any business, and the telecommunication sector has uniquely rich data on their customers’ behaviors. By analyzing where people go and how they spend their day, Intelmatix extracts insights on user demographics, socioeconomic status, and personal interests. Through user segmentation and profiling, we provide detailed recommendations to assist in upselling, target promotions to the ideal audience, and understand which communities in the city may be underserved. 

Influencers Identification

Social media and viral marketing have become a de-facto standard for many companies, but selecting the right influencers to spread the message is a challenge. The selection process must account for the alignment between the intended message and the circle of each influencer to understand the impact of their engagement. Intelmatix uses our Location Intelligence technologies to analyze how an influencer’s message spreads around the world and across different potential markets. Our products recommend the most effective influencers to communicate your message to the audience in the location you want to reach.