Manufacturing and Industrials

The manufacturing sector affects all facets of modern society. Manufactured goods touch the daily lives of everyone, and the dynamics of this sector are shifting with globalization. It is increasingly fast paced with record-high demand for custom and personalized goods. Today’s manufacturing sector interfaces with many sub-sectors such as design, engineering, raw-material suppliers, and other original equipment manufacturers. The manufacturing process still faces many challenges while providing several opportunities that occur on the manufacturing floor, in the business, or with the customer demands.

Predictive Maintenance

Maintaining manufacturing facilities is a complex and expensive process. The maintenance process starts long before actual execution and requires cross-cutting planning that often spans several divisions. Overdue maintenance introduces additional risks and costs. Intelmatix combines real-time sensing data, engineering models, and big data analytics to track the health of individual components at different locations within the facility and provides early notification and alert systems to optimize maintenance scheduling and automate maintenance planning.

Managing Supply Chain Risk

Supply chains of companies are always at risk of having significant delays and financial losses. Intelmatix uses predictive analytics to assist companies in forecasting inventory and requirements ahead of time, alerting the responsible parties automatically. Additionally, through analysis of historical data, the probabilities of delays are calculated, and risk mitigation strategies are assessed. Using such findings, customers develop contingency plans, plan backup suppliers, and design schedules that effectively mitigate the impact of the unforeseen risks inherent to daily operations. 

Autonomous Robots for smart warehouses

Intelmatix works with retailers to test the limits of automation and human-machine collaboration and develop smart warehouses. Fleets of Wi-Fi-connected, self-charging robots locate shelves of products much faster rather than have employees go to the shelves to hunt for products, cutting operating costs by more than 20%. Through an intelligent understanding of space, robots optimize how goods are stored and moved within warehouses to improve internal logistics. Through predictive analytics, Intelmatix anticipates demand and ensures that the most likely products are easily accessible at the right time. 

Smart Factories system integration

Location intelligence has the potential to reshape how factories are designed. Intelmatix works with companies to advance the digitalization of production lines into smart factories that improve both agility and flexibility. An efficient factory must have an effective supply chain with a design that accounts for the human experience and automation potential. Intelmatix designs internal layouts to optimize the flow of resources and streamline navigation and communication for employees. Through integrated sensors and wearable technologies, we help factories reduce manufacturing errors, improve worker safety, and receive comprehensive reporting on industrial operations. Additionally, by following best practices and considering the limitations of existing technologies, we help companies build automation-ready factories by designing intelligent spatial layouts that easily incorporate autonomous robots when the time is right.