Intelligent Urban Development

The challenge

How do you design a truly 21st-century city? Throughout the world, governments try their best to improve the quality of life for their citizens and develop responsible policies for the future. To make use of an increasingly connected world, cities have struggled to keep up by retrofitting aging infrastructure with modern technology. Many of the challenges they face are addressed with new transportation methods, cutting-edge agricultural techniques, and sustainable energy technologies. Looking at the technological frontier of several industries, we participated in the design of a city that was built with an entirely new era in mind. Focusing on the most advanced new technologies across a wide range of infrastructures and policies, we helped plan a city with automation, emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence woven into the fabric of the urban landscape.

What we did

We examined state-of-the-art technologies across a wide range of industries, from advanced agricultural techniques to autonomous vehicles to cutting-edge energy generation and storage. We provided a comprehensive assessment to government agencies by conducting feasibility studies, performing economic projections, and designing detailed simulations to understand the broad implications of these technologies on the economy, infrastructure, supply chains, and residents of the city. We also studied the potential of diverse manufacturing opportunities, design philosophies, and administrative policies, with the goal of designing a city built to bring out the best in emerging technologies. At every step, we aimed to provide recommendations informed by advanced analytics that embody the city’s futuristic aspirations.

Our Impact

We provided government planners with data-driven projections and recommendations that incorporated ideas at the forefront of scientific and technological research. These included advanced agricultural technologies, such as vertical farming for efficient and sustainable food production, along with analysis of suitable policies and infrastructure for self-driving vehicles. Additionally, we explored the potential of using emerging technologies for large-scale renewable energy generation and storage. For the manufacturing sector, we explored opportunities to manufacture advanced electronics and materials and the ability to use local resources and automation to maximize profitability. Through extensive research about new technologies and advanced methods, we provided our clients with detailed advice on how to create cutting-edge industries in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and energy to achieve the city’s ambitious plans and realize their vision to become a world-class economic power.