Hospitality and Entertainment

We help our clients in the service and leisure industries, such as hotels and entertainment venues, improve how they attract and serve their customers. Leveraging diverse data on demographics, mobility, and behavior, Intelmatix helps businesses engage with their target market. We provide ideal locations for hotel chains and entertainment events, provide insight on the target markets, and recommend how to engage with their potential audience.

Personalized Client Experiences

For businesses in the hospitality sector, it is crucial to understand your customers and their needs. Intelmatix helps hotels and other hospitality services study their visitors to identify their mobility habits, preferences, and interests. By understanding who they are, where they go, and what they enjoy, we help our clients design personalized experiences to attract customers by making travel easier and more enjoyable. These include recommended daily itineraries with optimized shuttle routes and promotional partnerships with key attractions.

Tourist Behavior and Attractions

Intelmatix helps clients understand the factors driving tourism and the proportion of travelers for business and pleasure. We combine geospatial data from diverse sources, ranging from government public data and sectoral data to social media, to identify where people go in the country and provide insight into specific landmarks that attract tourists. We examine commercial activity to quantify the economic benefits of tourism throughout the year.

Event venue recommendation

Finding the right venue to host an event is an essential component of its success. Intelmatix extracts the patterns most relevant to your event, analyzes and understands your target audience, and identifies venues that boost your chances of success and growth. Intelmatix uses data from social media, customer review websites, and points of interest to understand the patterns for people’s visits and their satisfaction. This information is used to infer demand preferences, evaluate the accessibility of different locations, and recommend the most suitable venues for your event.

Targeted Event Promotion

Social media has become the de-facto standard for publicity and event announcements, but with thousands of events happening every week, reaching the right audience at the right time is difficult. Powered by Location Intelligence, Intelmatix helps events target the most lucrative market by reaching likely visitors in the correct region. Using the power of location classification and behavioral analysis on social media, along with developing a profile of user interests over time, Intelmatix helps entertainment companies engage with centralized announcements and provides personalized event guides for attendees.