Health and Biotechnology

The health sector plays a crucial role in protecting our most precious resource, people. Humans are the most connected species on Earth, which comes with a price. This includes diseases and epidemics. Luckily, recent advances in technology are generating substantial data and information for each person. These data track, contain, and fight epidemics more efficiently than ever before. Intelmatix uses near real-time data to assess potential risks and predict potential hazards that may occur at a particular space and time.

Drug Inventory Analytics

The demand for certain drugs depends on many factors, such as the season, the location, or even the day of the week. The problem of predicting the future need for different drugs to plan for improved inventory management while still reducing the amount of waste is crucial. Intelmatix harnesses multiple data sets, from weather and air-quality to social media data, and combines them with inventory history to predict the supply needed by different branch locations and estimate the risk of shortages and the expected amounts of waste.

Predictive Scheduling for Emergency Rooms

Health care sites that operate with a dynamic schedule, such as Emergency Rooms (ER), must have an adaptive staffing level to account for fluctuations in patient flow. Intelmatix uses advanced analytics and statistical methods to predict patterns in use to ensure optimal staffing levels in ER at different locations while reducing wait times and raising patient satisfaction. Visualization tools with analytics strategies help health care institutes to manage their various locations much more efficiently, enhancing the quality of service while reducing cost.

Customized Insurance Analytics

Health insurance today is an integral component of the health ecosystem and is in desperate need of more sophisticated pricing mechanisms. Intelmatix uses a wide range of indicators such as medical histories, demographics, home/work locations, and business sector to develop pricing plans that benefit both sides by reducing risk while not under or overestimating insurance costs.

Epidemics Risk Assessment

Assessing the possible threat of infectious diseases is severely complicated by complex urban environments, population dynamics, and multi-modal transportation systems. Intelmatix provides solutions that assess each point of interest’s risk for propagating the disease based on factors such as people’s movements, interactions, and recently detected infection cases, allowing decision-makers to make more fine-tuned interventions.