Food and Agriculture

The food and agriculture sectors face increasing demands from a growing population. At the same time, they are being challenged to maintain high yields despite climate change and limited farmable land and cut waste and reduce consumption of resources such as water.

Precision Agriculture

The size and complexity of farms are growing to meet the increasing demand for food. However, these farms are a major competitor for water supply at the national level. Moreover, quality care of the plants becomes prohibitive as those farms grow. Intelmatix applies precision agriculture by using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, advanced analytics, and autonomous systems to optimize farming operations at scale. AI and high-resolution aerial remote sensing are used for high update-frequency health monitoring of plants in the field. Multi-source datasets and the real-time status of the field are used to optimize crop yield and minimize water consumption.

Agriculture Open Data Platforms

Data availability for practical integration and analytical studies are essential to solving food supply and agricultural challenges. Intelmatix combines existing datasets and remote sensing for climate, soil, and water conditions and their suitability for agricultural purposes and uses advanced analytics and models of supply and demand to tackle various challenges such as predicting the expected production and consumption to address food waste and shortage challenges.

Smart Animal Farming

Product quality of dairy and livestock depends heavily on a company’s animal farming strategy. Intelmatix harnesses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and big data analytics to maintain a healthy and productive farm. Advanced geospatial technologies improve operations by using smart collars to identify animals, track their location and measure biometrics properties. Real-time monitoring and advanced analytics link their diet and health to the quality and the nutrient details of their output.

Smart Agriculture Supply Chains

Supply chains of agricultural products tend to operate under uncertainty. Production is affected by uncontrollable factors such as environmental and climatic conditions. Moreover, the quantity and location of demand are often not precisely predictable. Intelmatix supports its clients by alleviating many of the inherent challenges in this sector. By using advanced analytics of agricultural supply chains that leverage demand data and potential supply partners, such analytics are used to manage partnerships, predict future demand, and control supply risk, and optimize distribution.