Finance and Investment

Financial industries make complex decisions daily, often at a pace that limits their understanding of the context. The growing field of spatial finance aims to fill in these gaps by extracting key information from geospatial data. This helps companies perform comprehensive risk assessments, detect fraud with a holistic view of financial activity, and retain customers by optimizing their financial services. Intelmatix harnesses the power of Location Intelligence to help the finance and investment industries leverage the rich data extracted from satellite data, urban development, and human behavior.

Risk Management Through Spatial Finance

Risk assessment and mitigation are key goals of spatial finance. Major investments that involve construction are highly sensitive to ecological factors. Intelmatix leverages satellite and weather data to evaluate the risks of weather and exposure to extreme conditions such as flooding and wildfires. Additionally, long-term sustainability and environmental impacts contribute significant risk to resource extraction, leading to complex problems that depend on the local hydrology, ecology, and climate. Our spatial finance tools help institutions quantify these risks and make more informed investment decisions. 

Fraud Detection

One of the obligations of financial firms is to guarantee the highest level of security to their users. The primary challenge for financial firms is to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate transactions. Effective methods don’t only consider the transaction itself but the entire history of the customer. Intelmatix uses spatio-temporal pattern recognition to detect outliers in customers’ behavior and prevent financial fraud without hindering the user experience.

Automated Customer Churning Avoidance

Since the cost of acquiring new customers is significantly higher than retaining existing ones, customer retention is a critical concern for banks. Intelmatix leverages rich data on customer behavior and real-time tracking of new banking and ATM locations to predict which customers are likely to switch banks and allow financial firms to take corrective action beforehand. Additionally, by analyzing where current churn is happening at higher rates, we help banks identify where new banking services will be most effective in preventing further churn. 

Environmentally Conscious Investments

With the evolving threats of climate disruption, governments are taking new steps to mitigate harm. Investors must now consider everything from emissions taxes to operating restrictions, and the financial markets must increasingly consider the sustainability profile of commercial actors. Intelmatix powers the emerging field of Spatial Finance through ground data, public sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) information, and satellite telemetry to assess an actor’s environmental impact and sustainability at the asset scale for project finance and the company scale for investments.