Intelmatix is a deep tech AI company founded by a group of technology enthusiasts, engineers, computer scientists, and business experts. Intelmatix seeks to become a major global AI player, with a current global presence through its operations in Riyadh, London, and Boston. Intelmatix provides organizations with Decision Intelligence technologies through custom AI solutions and Enterprise AI products that provide actionable insights and a competitive advantage in this new AI era.

Transformational Technologies 

At Intelmatix, our AI-powered technology capabilities and deep domain expertise equip us with powerful tools to help organizations reinvent their future strategies and their current operations with pioneering products and solutions. Through in-person interactions between our experts and our clients, Intelmatix creates custom solutions that address our clients’ specific and complex problems. We use our experience in the development of commercial-grade products for the general public to make advanced analytics accessible to all.

Top Talent

Intelmatix’s technologies are brought to life by our top talent. Our engineers, developers, data scientists, designers, and business-technology consultants have been handpicked to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to complex problems, with collective experience that cuts across multiple sectors across several continents. Our multidisciplinary team helps organizations tackle the most challenging problem, leveraging our expertise in computer science, data analytics, and engineering to support a technical culture committed to delivering sustained technical excellence. Our developers are experienced and trained in project delivery to guarantee focus on agile, and effective delivery of solutions. We believe that it is critical that our talented team works in complete partnership with organizations to forge a new corporate culture—one focused on innovation that transforms the organization’s core business.

Strong Network

By partnering with Intelmatix, organizations also benefit from the ecosystem of experts and partners that Intelmatix has accumulated over the years. This network allows us to leverage highly specialized expertise whenever we need it. When combined with Intelmatix’s proprietary technology, we deliver end-to-end solutions and products with real impact.


Intelmatix develops technology platforms that integrate domain knowledge with expertise in data sensing, data processing, data analysis, and data visualization and interaction. This integration allows Intelmatix to develop state-of-the-art automated solutions that consider the hidden complexities within and across sectors to produce impact


Intelmatix creates end-to-end data technologies that establish data streams through sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. These include active data collection from smart meters,Social Media, crowdsourcing from online surveys, and extraction from satellite imagery. Intelmatix’s Sense capability relies on our high-performance data ingestion systems that provide a diversity of sensing endpoints for consuming and storing data from available providers. Integration is done in batch or streaming mode and is enhanced by our secure and massively scalable cloud storage for structured and unstructured data. This capability provides the raw data that enables our work to generate powerful insights.


Intelmatix’s Process capability drives our ability to provide comprehensive batch and streaming processing engines with efficient data storage capabilities. Our in-memory data processing engine handles large amounts of data quickly. The processing engine is easily deployed and expanded on demand. Additionally, we automatically scale and accommodate any surge in processing demand. Our technologies ensure data security and resilience using secure channels for transmission and advanced management technologies of distributed data centers around the world. This capability forms the foundation of our Analyze and Interact capabilities.


Combining data streams and domain expertise with advanced analytics, we provide effective solutions to our clients’ problems. Intelmatix’s Analyze capability provides a robust library of tools for data analysis. These tools are used to build custom pipelines powered by advanced algorithms that include modeling and simulation, machine learning, and deep tech to solve complex problems in Location Intelligence. Leveraging our extensive background, Intelmatix creates rich sector-specific simulations to help our clients test various scenarios and make the most informed decisions possible. With rigorous testing and continuous validation with real-world data, we maintain a high level of quality and uncertainty quantification in all our products.


To truly make the most of extensive data and detailed analytics, it is essential to showcase information in an accessible manner. We accomplish this by developing sophisticated platforms to visualize, explore, and interact with data. Intelmatix’s Interact capability makes our software accessible to a general audience. We design interactive platforms with a user-first mindset to accommodate different use-case scenarios. Using the latest visualization and interactive technologies, we incorporate 2D and 3D mapping technologies to clearly represent complex geospatial data and provide an immersive experience through state-of-the-art AR and VR technologies.


Intelmatix’s Automation capability enables us to tie all parts of our system into a single automated data processing workflow. This allows us to automate complex processes, from data creation to processing and analysis, then refines for visualization and interaction. These workflows use automated triggers for event-driven process execution and process-flow control. Additionally, we ensure that our tools and products interact with external systems using standard integration protocols. By combining data streams, real-time analytics, and dynamic visualizations, we provide our clients with interactive dashboards, custom platforms, and decision-support systems that automatically respond to new information.